Tigers make trade

For Joakim Soria. Soria is 17/19 In save opportunities with a very impressive 2.70 ERA. It’s not clear whether he will immediately be inserted in the closer role (most likely not) but it is almost certain he will be eventually. Joe Nathan is way too inconsistent. The Rangers got Cory Knebel and Jake Thompson—a minor league RHP. Although Thompson is rather irrelevant, and will grow up to be an average bullpen pitcher, Knebel on the other hand could grow up to be a ligit closer or setup man. He struggled because he was rushed to the majors. He won’t reach his potential for a number of years. If Nathan gets his act together like he slowly is (I believe it’s just inconsistency. He’s not improving, just on and off sometimes) that means the Tigers have him, Chamberlain, and Soria for the 7, 8, 9 innings, hoping the starter lasts thru 6 (they usually do). This definitely secures them a playoff spot, but a lack of left handed hitting and a still rather weak bullpen do not constitute a deep playoff run. The trading deadline, however, is not yet upon us.

Tigers inquire about acquiring Chad Qualls from Astros

Chad Qualls is a veteran reliever who is doing well closing for the Astros. A trade with the Astros could also mean the possibility of getting Jose Altuve in the deal. Jose loves almost all the Tigers hitters, talks to them all the time, and took a lot of pictures with them at the ASG. lots of relievers are in possibility to come to the Tigers. When one happens, well have all the news along with opinion.

Yankees and Padres make trade

Yankees trade away 3B Yangervis Solarte and P Rafael De Paula for Chase Headley and $1 Million. Chase Headley has been a solid .270 hitter with power throughout his career, but he’s only hitting .220 this year. The Yankees are known for reviving 30+ year old players however. Yangervis Solarte is a 26 year old infielder who started the season batting .340 but has dropped to .255. A change of scenery could refresh his mind and he may be able to get back to his April form. Even so, he has a career ahead of him.

Tigers express interest in multiple relief pitchers

Including Joaquin Benoit, but those rumors have been going on for too long. Joakim Soria has been having a stellar season for the Rangers, but the Rangers have been unable to find themselves in save situations being the worst team in baseball. Brad Ziegler of the Diamondbacks has also been targeted, however; the Diamondbacks have said they have no interest in parting ways with the 2.50 ERA pitcher this year and 2.22 last year. He also racks up a fair amount of K’s. The most intriguing expression by the Tigers was a report by Fox sports saying the Tigers were after Philadelphia closer RHP Jonathan Papelbon and setup man LHP Antonio Bastardo. Papelbon has expressed distaste for the city of Philadelphia and is also overpaid and nearing the end of his contract-all big ingredients for a trade. Papelbon has an astonishing 1.17 ERA and 23 saves this year, a planet better than Nathan. Solid LHP Bastardo is also In the mix. Bastardo is about to reach the prime of his career and has been majorly consistent his career. This year He has an ERA of 3.38, but an amazing K/IP of 51/42. I’m a fan of his work. He’s aggressive, and would be to the bullpen what Smyly was last year. Seeing as multiple teams scouts watched Cliff Lee pitch today (He is #1 on trading block right now), a major multi-team trade should happen soon—a trade which should include Detroit. When it happens, come here first!

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VerHagen makes spot start; Tigers resume struggling

Due to MLB’s rules for doubleheaders, the Tigers were able to call up an extra pitcher to start this morning’s doubleheader. Due to Robbie Ray’s recent struggles in triple-A, Drew VerHagen made the spot start. VerHagen had been on fire in the minors after he significantly improved his changeup 3 weeks ago, making it a deadly weapon in his fastball-curveball-changeup repertoire. He looked extremely well until the 5th inning when he gave up 3 runs. Although He came away with a 5.40 ERA and a loss, his first 4 innings in the MLB looked very good only giving up 2 meager hits. Meanwhile, the Tigers have lost 3 in-a-row against Cleveland. Joe Nathan continued to be bad, as well as the bullpen these past 3 games. Huston Street was traded to the Angels, and the Tigers have yet to create an answer to the A’s trade, and an answer to the Angels may also be needed. Look for the Tigers to trade one of their four outfielders for a bullpen piece.

Setback for Dirks

His last day in the first stage of rehab, Dirks experienced a setback and will return to the DL until he proves he’s healthy. He has no timetable for return, and most likely won’t be part of a major trade. The Tigers still have 4 good outfielders … will there still be a trade? If there is come here first!

Athletics and Cubs strike big trade

The Cubs traded Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to the Oakland Athletics for 2 really good prospects and Dan Straily today. This trade sends a message to the league from the Athletics standpoint, saying they’re in it to win it this year, by acquiring two quite successful pitchers. The Cubs acquired Addison Russell, a really good shortstop prospect, and Bill McKinney, a first round pick outfielder in 2013. This means the Cubs are really looking to be the best team in 5 years … But more importantly, the Athletics have become the most talented team in the American league. They have jostled with the Tigers (and Blue Jays) for the best record in the AL the entire season. So this means that the Tigers are going to respond with a message of their own most likely. Expect a big trade in the Tigers future, and don’t be shocked if that’s the near future. Possible targets could include Jose Altuve (can play shortstop or Kinsler can. Can also play third if Tigers like Suarez better than Castellanos which is very reasonable). The Rockies bullpen can also be a target. The Tigers will also most likely trade away an outfielder, given the existing logjam. I would say Jackson, maybe JD, but Jackson probably more likely. Speaking of outfielders logjam, Andy Dirks is returning soon from his multiple month injury/surgery. This may be the all-star break. Another reason to shop an outfielder … and make a big trade, unless they would rather try and set Jackson straight in the minors. Summary: Athletics now best talent in AL (not to worry though we swept them); Tigers may respond with big trade; Dirks coming back soon.

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Anonymous asked:

I thought you were a manager, but now I am begging to have my doubts, either you are listening to Gene Lamont, if you are you are listening to a loser.

This question is really hard to understand. I assume you’re doubting Ausmus and saying Gene LaMont is stupid and then wanting me to address this … Well I am NOT Brad Ausmus, we are a blog that documents his time here. I disagree. I think Ausmus is very smart. He isn’t the best motivator, but he motivates by teaching, which is good for the younger talent on the team. As for Gene LaMont … He’s a bench coach … What do you expect?

Anonymous asked:

why the heck don't you bunt the runners over when you have 2runners and no outs, when you are losing the game? is plain stupid to let them die there.

Are you referring to a specific event? If not I will answer your question as it is very general. Either the person batting was not a good bunter or he was a better hitter than bunter. If he was a good hitter, the chances of scoring … Even if the person on second base doesn’t score … With the bases loaded and no outs is much higher than with runners on second and third with one out. Also, with the amount of extra base hits the tigers have been getting recently, it would’ve probably been a higher or equal chance of getting an extra base hit and scoring 2 runs and still having no outs and at least 3 batters left rather than not scoring any runs and having at least 2 batters left.

But thank you for asking questions!

Tigers acquire Daniel Schlereth

From the pirates. He was sent to triple-A Toledo to replace the many bullpen pitchers that have been called up. Daniel Schlereth was on the Tigers from 2010-2012 and was very bad. In his only full season, which was only 49 games, he had a 3.59 ERA. Next year, He had a 10.3 ERA In 6 games, then fell off the face of the planet, only to be discovered in the Pirates system. Well, Detroit has him back … and pending on his (most likely atrocious) performance in Toledo, he may come to the MLB. But for now, Pat McCoy and Phil Coke are the lefties in the majors bullpen. Fun Fact: Daniel Schlereth gave up Jim Thome’s 600th home run.


Lefty Ian Krol was placed on the DL today. He had some tightness after his dreadful 4 run outing in yesterday’s game against Cleveland and now is reported to have “dead arm”. Dead arm is a case where the arm feels nearly numb after you use it for a while. This will land him on the 15 day DL. Who will we bring up to replace him? The answer lies in 25 year old lefty Pat McCoy. Pat was drafted right after his senior year of high school at 18 years old by the Washington Nationals. We just got pat this season and he started in AA Erie and has played 13 games for AAA Toledo. His ERA in AAA was 2.25 and with 17 K’s. He is also a lefty which makes him slightly more valuable to replace Krol. We will see how the youngster does today in his first major league game. No guarantees he’ll play but he’s now in the show.

Record at time of post: 39-32

Tigers avoid sweep; end Royals streak

The red hot Royals have everything going for them. They’re on a 10 game winning streak, they’re main competition is failing, and they’re first in their division now. But the Tigers snapped their streak and pulled within a half game of the lead. Anibal Sanchez continues to be, literally, the only good Tigers pitcher right now. He had a good outing today, and gave the tigers a chance to win. JD Martinez and Eugenio Suarez continue to carry the bottom of the lineup, while Victor and Miggy do their thing. So that’s 5 players who are carrying a team. The other problem is players are struggling to get on base. Castellanos and Hunters obps hover just 20 points over their respective averages.

As the tigers continue to struggle, our blog continues to grow. Thanks to everyone who has taken advantage of our recently added Twitter and Facebook outlets, and be sure to spread the word!

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Reed designated for assignment

The Detroit Tigers have decided to designate Evan Reed for assignment. Chad Smith will come up and replace him in the bullpen. Chad was drafted in the 17th round in 2011 by the Tigers. He has been outstanding in AAA Toledo so far. In 22.0 innings he has a 1.64 ERA and has 19 strike outs. Now we have called up quite a few relievers from the Mud Hens and they haven’t panned out so we hope that Chad can come through! Brad Ausmus also added that sending down Evan Reed had absolutely nothing to do with Reed’s recent sexual assault acquisitions, he made it very clear it was performance based only. We’d also like to send out our prayers to the Gwynn family who lost HOF baseball legend Tony Gwynn this week. Tony is arguably the greatest contact hitter of all time. His lifetime average of .338 is amazing along with only being about 10 hits away from batting .400 in a season in 1995. He also only struck out 434 times… IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER! Wow! That is unheard of. Most people strike out that many times in 4-5 seasons. Gwynn only struck out about 15-20 times a season. Truly one of the greatest hitters of all time, he will truly be missed.

Record at time of post: 36-32

Blaine Hardy recalled, Cory Knebel demoted

Knebel, Who was unable to get it together in the majors with a super-6 era and an unfavorable k/bb ratio. He’ll be replaced in favor of Blaine Hardy, a left handed pitcher who will likely replace Ian Krol in lefty-lefty situations as Krol is apparently worthy of a higher role. He got the save in the tigers recent 12-9 win over the twins. Also happy fathers day! To the people who pass down baseball the most.

Record at time of post: 36-29